• 11 Oct 2019

    Time: 18:00 - 21:00

    ABC Mental Health Dance Party - Perth

    Get up and off of that screen!

    ?? This is an absolute beginners dance class party ??


    Why? Because your MENTAL HEALTH deserves it.

    How? With a little booty shaking to get the mind right of course. All in the hope of bringing awareness and removing the stigma attached to mental illness.

    Don't know how to shake? Well we do, and we can teach you!!

    What’s that? You've never actually stepped into a dance class? We still got CHOO because this ain't your average dance class. In fact it's a bl00dy celebration.

    Why you? WHY THE HELL NOT!!

    What to wear: If it makes you feel good, wear it.

    What to bring: You. Leave the voices in your head at home, and come be brave with us! You'll also need water and a sweat towel.

    This is our FIFTH YEAR IN and every year the event sells out because we teach real dance for real people. We don't need you to be perfect, we just need you to show up!

    Cost: $30 for 1.5hrs dance class + the afterparty


    • Location:

      Blaqbox: Perth Creative Spot
      18 Murchison Terrace Perth

    • Cost $30.00

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