• 10 Oct 2019

    Time: 09:00 - 14:00

    FIFO Mental Health Summit, by Open Up - Perth

    Two suicide attempt survivors have teamed up to offer Perth’s first ever, free mental health workshop, exclusively for the leaders of the FIFO industry, in a bid to create a mentally healthy FIFO culture, from the top down.

    The ‘FIFO Mental Health Summit, by Open Up', set to be held in East Perth on World Mental Health Day (Oct 10), will feature presentations from Open Up founder and former FIFO worker Lachlan Samuel, as well as mental health speaker and Royal Navy veteran and former Police Officer Jason Nelson.

    The barrier for mental health progression in the FIFO industry, is the fear of speaking up and being seen as weak, or being considered a risk by employers, so attendees will be taught how to release suppressed stress without having to verbalise thoughts or feelings, as well as how to understand, identify and handle mental health issues, within themselves and others.

    “This Summit is about making mental health mainstream and will help create the breakthroughs necessary to begin moving towards a mentally healthy FIFO culture, starting with those who influence change within the industry.” Said Mr Lachlan Samuel.

    Mr. Nelson said the pair were spurred on to create the Summit, following last December’s State Government report – which surveyed 3000 FIFO workers and their families, finding FIFO workers had almost double the amount of people impacted by Depression and Anxiety than the general population.

    “The report found more than 30 per cent of FIFO workers experienced high levels of psychological distress compared to only 17 per cent of non-FIFO workers – so we felt that it was time for us to do what we can to make a positive impact,” said Mr. Nelson.

    Open Up is also seeking like-minded companies to sponsor the event.

    For more information contact [email protected]

    • Location:

      Quest East Perth,
      176 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 

    • Cost: free

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