• 12 Oct 2019

    Time: 14:00 - 18:00

    Wellness Walkabout 2.0: Yoga in the Gardens - Perth

    A fun, fundraising event to mobilise, engage and strengthen the Perth community through yoga, in pursuit of equality and accessibility to a healthy lifestyle for all Australians.

    There will be a DJ backed yoga and meditation session to allow you to connect with your community, led by Shawn Taylor of Yoga Lab, Rosanna Susanto of Bodyscape Yoga and Alexandra Almond of Yoga Sita, live music from local artists, a separate yoga session for children aged 10 and under and a Health and Wellness market with lots of feel good products and healthy food and drink options to enjoy.

    The event supports Fair Game’s programs to educate and inspire children in remote and underserviced communities to stay active and look after their bodies.

    95% of each ticket purchase goes directly to enable delivery of Fair Game’s health and fitness programs and recycled sports equipment to remote and under-serviced communities in WA making a healthy lifestyle more accessible.

    Tickets start from $8 through to $40

    For more information contact: [email protected]

    • Location: Supreme Court Gardens, Barrack Street, Perth CBD
    • Cost: free

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