Be a mental wellbeing champion in your community

There’s lots of ways to get involved in Mental Health Week.

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Hold an event

Every year, there are around 130 events held in communities throughout WA. If you care about mental wellbeing, it’s simple to host an event – small or large – during the week and spread the word at the same time. 

Register your event

Download resources

There’s plenty of downloadable resources you can obtain to promote the week in your community. To find general information on mental wellbeing and how to support someone with mental health concerns, Think Mental Health is available all year round with information and resources you can trust.  

Attend an event

Every event held during Mental Health Week has a focus on promoting wellbeing and connection. They are a great place to start to have a chat, make a friend and find out who else in your area has similar interests. The majority are held at no cost and some even involve yummy food! Find out what events are being held in your neck of the woods.

Start a conversation

It’s hard to reach out when you need support. Mental Health Week is a good time to check in with someone who hasn’t been themselves recently and make sure they are travelling OK. If they’re not OK, Think Mental Health has good information you can trust on how to support them.

Share the word

There’s many ways to connect with the Mental Health Week community, so don’t forget to share what you are doing and thinking about mental wellbeing in the lead-up to and during October 6-12 this year! Like and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates. And don’t forget #mentalhealthstartshere

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You know you don’t feel right, but you aren’t sure what to do about it. Talking to someone about what’s going on is a good first step and Mental Health Week is a good time to take a deep breath and do it. Think of someone who you see regularly who you think would be a good listener or make an appointment to see your GP – he or she will know what to do. You can also check out the Mental Health Check-Up Tool on the Think Mental Health website to check in on how you are feeling and for advice on what to do.

Come and say hello on World Mental Health Day

This year for the first time we'll be out and about at train and bus stations throughout the Perth metro area on Wednesday, October 10 giving out free resource packs to commuters. Look for us in our purple and orange t-shirts at your local transport hub, come and have a chat and pick up a Mental Health Week resource pack at the same time! 

Please enter an image description.Partner with us

Just as a puppy is not just for Christmas, promoting mental wellbeing is not just for Mental Health Week! If you are a WA business that wants to make a difference through corporate partnership, we’d love to hear from you to find out how we can work together all year round.


Our feedback each year is that it's the personal stories of mental health challenges and recovery that inspire others to take positive steps to improve their mental wellbeing. The WA media play an important part in positively framing these stories to reach a wide audience in our state. If you are a member of the media, get in touch to work with us in the lead-up to and during the week to promote mental wellbeing and highlight stories of Western Australians who are working to break down stigma and raise awareness of mental health in our communities. (MindFrame mental health reporting guidelines.