Please enter an image description.Mental health starts where we work

Meaningful employment - the right job for you - provides a sense of purpose and financial stability; and enhances self-esteem and social connectivity.

  • A job is regarded as a basic human right and paid employment can reduce the negative impacts of living with a mental health condition by increasing self-worth, alleviating symptoms, and increasing satisfaction and wellbeing.
  • A large part of suicide prevention in the workplace is creating mentally healthy workplaces.
  • Signs of healthy functioning employees: normal mood fluctuations and sleep patterns, good energy levels and perform well. They are calm, take things in their stride, and display a good sense of humour. They will be physically and socially active and have little to no alcohol use.
  • Signs an employee may be struggling: irritable, impatient, nervous, sad, overwhelmed, displaced sarcasm, procrastinating, forgetful, poor concentration or performance, negative attitude, headaches, low energy, decreased activity and socialising, avoidance, withdrawal, could be aggressive or have angry outbursts. Increased alcohol use.
  • Identify the best support outlet to assist you in your workplace – do you have a mental health first aid officer? Suggest contacting a GP, EAP, Lifeline, Relationships Australia.