Please enter an image description.Mental health starts where we live

Living in a thriving community matters: it affects how long we live, and our quality of life both physical and emotionally.

  • Safe homes, stable relationships, and community supports close to where we live all set a critical foundation for good mental health.
  • Living in vibrant, friendly neighbourhoods, where people feel safe and welcomed creates a sense of community is essential for our mental health and wellbeing – do you have much in common with your neighbours? Have you connected or reached out to new friends in your local community?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family how they are going if you’ve noticed they aren’t going so well – it could make a difference to how they are feeling knowing that someone cares.
  • Most people are busier than ever before and increasingly focused on saving for the next big holiday or having a bigger, better house that they have lost focus on connecting with their neighbours, and what really makes them happy.
  • Social isolation has been linked with anxiety, depression, antisocial and even suicidal behaviours.
  • How we interact, how we trust and bind with each other in a caring, inclusive community is an important protective factor for our mental health.